We understand that connecting with fans in the music industry involves the constant production and reproduction of content. The more intimate an artist can be with their audience, the better. TourStop Minneapolis provides an efficient, professional service for that very purpose. We welcome artists from all over the country into some of the best recording studios in the Minneapolis/St. Paul area. We capture a raw, authentic, live performance and provide a polished audio/visual experience that will do the music justice!

Each session takes approximately 2-4 hours. We begin with a meet-and-greet (initial introductions, catering provided for the artist and TourStop crew only, autograph signings, etc.), photo shoot, and video interview, followed by a live recording session. A pre-determined amount of fans are granted access to RSVP the day prior of the event for the in session recording. During the event, they're allowed into the studio, where they will take their positions in the back of the control room. Boundaries are clearly marked behind the engineering crew in order to provide both the staff and artists enough space to do their jobs comfortably.

After the day of the event, the post-production process takes place. On the audio side, this involves the mixing and mastering of the songs performed by the artist. Upon request, audio samples are reviewed by the artist before the final masters can be printed and distributed. The finished audio content is then produced into an audio-only EP, and delivered to the video crew. All of the captured video content is edited into a documentary of the artists time with the TourStop staff. The video crew also syncs all of the final audio to the video and prints the finished product! This process takes a total of two weeks after the day of the event.






Our most sincer Thank you.

As of June 2016 we have decided to close the doors on TourStop Minneapolis. It has been an incredible five years and we thank everyone from the bottom of our hearts for their continuous love and support. We hope you will continue to support your local music scene.


Erin Finnegan

Owner | Founder | Director of Artist Relations


Please contact Erin Finnegan directly for donation, sponsorship and/or session related inquiries.

Samantha Coiro

PR | Press Inquiries



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