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We understand that connecting with fans in the music industry involves the constant production and reproduction of content. The more intimate an artist can be with their audience, the better. Tourstop Minneapolis provides an efficient, professional service for that very purpose. We welcome artists from all over the country into some of the best recording studios in the Minneapolis/St. Paul area. We capture a raw, authentic live performance, and provide a polished audio/visual experience that will do the music justice!


Each session takes approximately 2-4 hours. We begin with a meet and greet (initial introductions, catering provided for the artists and TourStop crew only, autograph signings, etc.), a photoshoot, and a video interview followed by a live recording session. A pre-determined amount of fans are allowed to RSVP before the day of the event. During the event, they are allowed into the recording studio, where they will take their positions in the back of the control room. Boundaries will be clearly marked in order to provide the engineering crew with enough room to do their jobs.

After the day of the event, the post-production process takes place. On the audio side, this involves the mixing and mastering of the songs performed by the artist. Upon request, audio samples may be sent to the artist, allowing them to suggest changes in the material for a period of 48 hours. After the final demands have been met, the final masters are printed. The finished audio content is then produced into an audio-only EP, and delivered to the video crew. All of the captured video content is edited into a half-hour episode. The video crew also syncs all of the final audio to the video and prints the finished product! This product takes a total of 3-6 weeks after the day of the event.

We will send the artist entire.mp3 versions of the songs for review, but with silence between each song.

A Lot Like Birds




Man Overboard

Squid The Whale

American Scarecrows


Bad Rabbits

MyChildren MyBride

Never Shout Never

Stitched Up Heart

Mike Fisher

Stages and Stereos

Archie Powell & The Exports

Erin Finnegan Owner, Director of Artist Relations

As a native New Yorker, passion and hard work are in my blood. I grew up in an environment where music and art were highly valued. I became involved in the musical world at a young age, and have been ever since. I've been vigorously involved in the Twin Cities music scene since my early teens. From selling merch to touring across the Midwest, I have it all under my belt. I graduated from the Institute of Production and Recording in the spring of 2012 with a degree in Music and Entertainment Business. From that point on, I've become owner and director of relations for TourStop Minneapolis.

Pete Vel Head Audio Engineer

Originally a musician from Utah, Pete moved to attend college and make a name for himself in the music industry. Since his formal training at the Institue of Production and Recording, he had the opportunity to work with bands like A Lot Like Birds, MyChildren MyBride, Americal Scarecrows, and more. His job involves a mashup of live sound and studio engineering. During the events, Pete mainly works in the control room where he delegates responsibility to the assistants, runs Pro Tools and organizes the session, configures preamps and outboard gear, and performs any troubleshooting tasks. After the event, he is in charge of editing, mixing, and mastering the material.

Steven Lane Camera Operator

Growing up in a musical family, I have been performing since I was nine years old and playing in bands for the last 12 years. Graphic design and art have always been gone hand-in-hand with my musical projects. With such a strong passion for music and visual creations, I knew I would flourish in these career fields. I moved to Minneapolis to study at the Institute of Production and Recording and earned a degree in applied sciences for audio engineering, and another for visual media/sound design. As Director, my experience and training allows me to fully grasp and see productions as a whole to make the audio and video compliment each other.

All inquiries should be addressed to:

Erin Finnegan Owner, Director of Relations